We currently have pork cuts available for purchase. Below is a listing of what we currently have in our inventory.

Pork Cuts Availablilty

CutApprox Weight/Package
Chops1.5lb/2 per
Ham Steak2lbs/1 per
Pork Hocks2lbs/2 per
Ham Roast6lbs/1 per
Shoulder Roast4lbs/1 per
Ground Pork1.5lbs/1 per
Pork Tenderloin1lb/1 per
Side Pork1.5lbs/1 per

Reservations can be made for full, half or quarter orders for fall 2020 delivery for both beef and pork.

Prices available upon request.
Email info@holmesteadfamilyfarm.ca for more information.